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 Windows 95/98 Startup Logo20.0 KB
Tails System Info Logo (Various Windows Versions)5.94 KB
Read Here to learn how to use the themes.

Mascot Viewer1.74 MB
 Sonic 3 Tails Mascot5.42 KB
SRB2 Tails Mascot27.1 KB
Sonic Advance Tails Mascot19.9 KB
Mascots are little characters that "hang out" on your windows. Some dance, some talk (these don't), fun to have around. Refer to my Mascot Making Tutorial on how to make one.

Massase V0.8F?????
 Sonic Drift?????
Sonic Drift 2?????
Tails Adventures?????
Tails Sky Patrol?????
Above are Game Gear roms. Tails has 2 games of his own, Sonic-free!

Sonic & Knuckles Collection Demo?????
It's a demo but SKedit may be able to do something for you...

Sonic Mugen (2000.01.01 Beta)?????
 Super Sonic?????
Mugen is a custom 2D fighting game engine supporting many characters. Check the Mugen Pics Page for screenshots.

 S3kc Cheat Archive254 bytes
Srb2 Cheat Archive345 bytes
GameShock is a program that works the same way as a Game Shark. The difference is that GameShock works for Windows games while Game Shark is for consoles & portables. It supports the searching feature to narrow the address values and changes. Values at the addresses found can be controlled/locked (for infinite rings, etc) and much more!

Other Things
Cwsdpmi.exeNeeded by some games (Mugen if you run it in DOS mode)
Mugen 2000.11.29Newer than Sonic Mugen, but incompatible
Mugen STARTRead here 1st
ZipDLBrowse Zip files before downloading them

Addons, skins, etc.
Tails ZD-spc skinScreenshot

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